Monday, 7 November 2011

折纸是什么?What is origami?

   Origami, the Japanese name for the art of paper folding, comes from the Japanese verb oru (to fold) and the noun kami (paper). The word "origami" is now commonly used around the world. A finished origami figure is called a model, the method for folding a model is called a design, and drawn instructions for a model is called a set of diagrams. An origami artist is usually called a paperfolder.
                   折纸艺术的日本名字,来自日文动词ORU(折)和名词神明(纸)。 折纸”这个词现在常用在世界各地。成品折纸图被称为一个模型,折叠模型的方法是所谓的设计,并制定了模型的指示,是所谓的图表。折纸艺术家通常被称为paperfolder。


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