Tuesday, 25 October 2011

颜色轮 colour wheel

          The color wheel is divided into three categories: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The three primary colors are red, yellow and blue. These colors are considered to be foundation colors because they are used to create all other colors.
By combining two of the primary colors, three secondary colors are formed. They are orange, green and violet. The six tertiary colors are made by combining a primary and an adjacent secondary color. These colors are red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, yellow-orange, blue-green and blue-violet. Colors are also divided into cool and warm categories. The cool colors are green, blue and violet. Warm colors are red, orange and yellow.

primary colors     : red, blue and yellow
secondary colors  : red + blue       = violet
                             : blue + yellow = green
                             :yellow + red    =orange
tertiary colors       :red + orange      = red-orange
                             :red + violet        = red-violet
                             :yellow + green  = yellow-green
                             :yellow +orange = yellow-orange
                             :blue + violet      = blue-violet
                             :blue + green      = blue-green

          分为三类:一级,二级和三级。红,黄,蓝三原色。因为它们是用于创建所有其他颜色,这些颜色被认为是基础色彩.两个原色相结合,形成三个二 级颜色。他们是橙色,绿色和紫色。三级的颜色是由一级和一个相邻的次级色结合。这些颜色是橘红色,红紫色,黄绿色,橙黄色,蓝绿色和蓝紫色。颜色也分为冷 暖类别。冷色调是绿色,蓝色和紫色。温暖的颜色是红色,橙色和黄色。
一级   颜色:红,黄,蓝
二级   颜色:红 + 黄 = 橙色
                 :黄 + 蓝 = 绿色
                 :蓝 + 红 = 紫色
三级   颜色:红 + 橙色 =  橘红色
                 :红 + 紫色 = 红紫色
                 :黄 + 绿色 =  黄绿色
                 :黄 + 橙色 =  橙黄色
                 :蓝 + 紫色 =  蓝紫色
                 :蓝 + 绿色 =  蓝绿色

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